Monday, 9 August 2010

August Location Creation

KUTAC (above left to right - Wendy Ward, Cloe Gillies, Peter James Field and Ellen Stewart / below - Patrick Fitzsimons)

As a bit of summer fun, and a change from our more sober indoor discussion sessions, KUTAC decided to celebrate the glorious summer last week by stepping into the golden sunshine. We shared our inaugural outdoor 'location creation' session by enjoying a pleasant afternoon in St. Anne's Well Gardens in Hove, chatting about recent experiences and sketching/photographing the tranquil surroundings. Scroll down for a small selection of the fruits of our endeavours...

Peter James Field

Patrick Fitzsimons

Ellen Stewart

Patrick Fitzsimons

Wendy Ward

Ellen Stewart

(Portrait credits: KUTAC group shot by Patrick Fitzsimons / Patrick portrait by Wendy Ward)

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  1. patrick that photograph is amazing! fourth one down from the top. really beautiful.